1. Drink plenty of water - It's important to keep hydrated because every part of your body- joints, organs, kidneys, eyes, digestion, is lubricated by water. It takes water to move, digest, think, breathe. 
2. Get Moving! Don't be a Couch potato - Walk or jog when going somewhere. Climb stairs instead of taking the escalator. Turn on some upbeat inspirational music and dance around in your room. Try to do something active for a total of 30 minutes everyday 
3. Choose healthy snacks-  It is wise to choose snacks from different food groups. Some choices would be wheat crackers, apple bites, a bowl of grapes, celery sticks with peanut butter and reason, the list goes on ... Link to healthy snack alternatives ClickHere 


Hair growth, skin care, "your entire body".... What you eat is really a big deal! Eating healthy is a choice. Some people chose to change, while others make excuses. Though fast food is cheap and quick to get whenever, too much processed food affects the body in the long run. Coming up with a plan on how to smart grocery shop and find healthy foods you like can take time. You have to believe you can give some of your favorite unhealthy foods up and really make an effort at changing in order to start your new journey to eating right.  Drinking water is so so so so so important! You can even start small by cutting sodas out the picture! Most importantly, making time to form a plan and changing your mindset is how you start your path towards eating healthy.

♥ Ashlee  

Start off simple with a healthy eating guide